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The idea for this project came from a desire to give a truthful answer to a simple childish question: 'Do you know which color that is?'. Well of course we do, for it is a simple question and one does not have to be a genius to answer it. But do we really pair the same color values with the same color names? Does that mean that beige means exactly the same color value for all of us? Is there a precise border between crimson and purple? Which values are considered to be blue and which are far too light or greenish for that? How can we tell? Who can we ask?

To answer these questions we set up a simple hypothesis: if we all know which name stands for which color than we will all be able to pick the exact HSB (hue/saturation/brightness) value on the color spectrum for a given name. Colorthename is a simple web application that enables you to state your opinion on which color name corresponds to which color value and to compare your opinion with other people’s opinions. The way we record and display gathered data enables you to research the color naming problem in many different ways – you can see how much your opinion contrasts with the average color value for a certain color name or check out how much these color-name relations vary for different colors. Further, you can compare data between different languages and see how comparable these color-name relations are between different languages. In short, you can explore differences and similarities in the way different people and different languages see colors and communicate with them.

The application can collect virtually infinite number of color-name relations and calculates its average values every time new data is entered. Thus, the data collected becomes more and more accurate with each new entry. Help the world to find out which color name stands for which color value and join the project!

We would like to thank Vladimir Prenner and Calyx for application development as well as Ante Krolo, Goran Jokic, Iva Rudolf, Ivan Miloš, Jay Haydon, Juraj and Dada Lerotić, Mateja Paškvan, Nika Pavlinek, Nina Bačun, Nina Spicijaric Paškvan, Iva Ulaga... without whose help this site wouldn’t be so colorful.

Branimir Paškvan & Damir Prizmić